Managing for Development Results Principles in Action:

Emerging Good Practice in
Managing for Development Results

What is the Sourcebook?

The Sourcebook on Emerging Good Practice in Managing for Development Results (MfDR) is a valuable resource which provides solution-oriented examples of MfDR in action for practitioners at many levels and in many contexts. By focusing on observable and replicable interventions, the Sourcebook aims to increase the understanding of MfDR and illustrate how many stakeholders are effectively implementing MfDR principles for greater development effectiveness.

  • The First Edition of the Sourcebook (2006) highlights how countries and development agencies are managing for results at national, sector, and agency levels.
  • The Second Edition (2007) demonstrates how MfDR tools and strategies are used by different stakeholders including political decision makers, technical practitioners, the private sector, and NGOs.
  • The Third Edition of the Sourcebook focuses on the nexus between leadership and MfDR, surveying how leadership drives effective organizational change for results.
  • The Sourcebook is a product of the OECD/DAC Joint Venture on MfDR & the World Bank.

Emerging good practice cases

The Sourcebook Review Panel judged cases according to strength and content, leadership, replicability, target audience, and problem solving. Of the 34 cases submitted in an open call for emerging good practices in results leadership, the Review Panel selected 17 cases for publication in the Third Edition of the Sourcebook. The cases are divided into three categories of leadership: country leadership, institutional leadership, and individual leadership.

AFD - The challenge of Accountability for a bilateral donor
Afghanistan - Minister Ehsan Zia and the National Solidarity Programme
Brazil Ceará - Implementing Results-Based Management at the Subnational Level
Cambodia - Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA)
Chile - Mario Marcel’s Commitment to Budgeting for Results
Colombia - President Uribe’s Role in Transforming Public Sector Management
Development Gateway Foundation – Using the Aid Management Platform to Strengthen Country Systems
Guinea Bissau and D.R. Congo – Mr. Claude Kakule Mukanda’s MfDR Leadership in the World Food Program
Honduras –The Leadership of President Manuel Zelaya Rosales
IFAD – Mainstreaming MfDR at Corporate, Country, and Project Levels
Kenya – Sylvester Obong’o’s Commitment to Results for Kenyans
Kyrgyz Republic – Minister Japarov’s Role in Fostering Results for Development and Trade
Morocco – Strengthening Basic Health Care Services through Regional Empowerment
Niger - Developing a Results Chain for the Country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy
Pakistan – Delivering Results through the National Highways and Motorway Police
Sri Lanka – Mrs. Dhara Wijayatilake’s Role in Institutionalizing MfDR in Government
Yemen - Achieving Results in the Ministry of Health and Population

Sourcebook Updates

The first draft of the Third Edition of the Sourcebook on Emerging Good Practice in Managing for Development Results was launched and distributed at the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Ghana, 2-4 September 2008.

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