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Fourth Roundtable on Results : Accra, 2008

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Third Roundtable on MFDR : Hanoi, 2007

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Fourth Roundtable on Managing for Development Results
Accra, 2008

The High Level Forum in Accra hosted the Roundtable on Results.

One of the main events of the Third High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness was the Marketplace of Ideas. The Marketplace of Ideas offered a visual and interactive setting for 136 participating countries and organizations to share their success in implementing the goals of the Paris Declaration. Through a colorful gallery of posters displayed at the Marketplace, Forum participants had the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches and best practices in aid effectiveness.

The Marketplace of Ideas took place at the Accra International Conference Center (AICC) and was on display throughout the course of the Accra HLF. Within the marketplace setting, a "Speaker’s Corner" was in place throughout the forum giving participants a chance to engage in presentations and discussions in front of the posters with the authors themselves.

Over the course of the Forum, participants took time to view the posters and cast their votes for the poster awards for the five themes of the Paris Declaration:

Ownership: Niger

Alignment: Tanzania

Harmonization: Benin

Managing for Results: Honduras

Mutual Accountability: Togo

Best in Show: Ghana

The winning posters were announced at the Awards Ceremony on the last day of the Forum.

The Guidebook features profiles of each participating country or organization, more details on their projects, and a picture of their poster.

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