Communities of Practice (CoP) on Managing for Development Results

Communities of Practice (CoP) on Managing for Development Results have been developed in Africa, Latin-America and the Caribbean, and Asia and Pacific with the aim to reinforce capacity to manage for development results through sharing experiences and peer learning. They provide a forum to exchange solutions to increase evidence-based decision and policy making for effective delivery of development results. Each of them is supported through specific mechanisms and develops different activities.

The South-South collaboration fostered by the regional CoPs has increased the willingness to use MfDR approaches and led members to establish national CoPs in their own countries. These CoPs follow their own paths to build national MfDR capacity based on local contexts.

In addition to their fundamental South-South nature, these three regional CoPs frequently meet together and conduct joint activities. They all actively participate in the OECD-DAC supported Global Partnership on MfDR to ensure a country-drive approach for MfDR. The Global Partnership recognize regional CoPs as essential hubs for increasing knowledge and development of MfDR-based country systems.

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