MfDR Capacity Scan

Any effort to develop the public sector's capacity to manage for results will have to start with an assessment of existing capacity. Diagnostic reviews are an important - and growing - source of information to governments on the state of MfDR country systems. Together with the existing MfDR capacity assessment tools, the MfDR Capacity Scan (CAP-Scan) allows countries to conduct assessments that provide a clear view of strengths and capacity gaps, develop actions to address resource needs, and target donor support.

The CAP-Scan is a short-term, broad-based, low-cost and high-level diagnostic review to identify and prioritize needs in the five central pillars of MfDR: Leadership, Accountability and Partnerships, Monitoring and Evaluation, Planning and Budgeting, and Statistics. The scope of a CAP-Scan can be as broad as the government as a whole, or as narrow as a sector. The CAP-Scan is built to be adaptable and is highly flexible to the scope, needs, and context of each government's culture and situation. With the results of a CAP-Scan diagnostic, a government can better target and address improvements in management to achieve development results.

This tool was developed under the sponsorship of the OECD/DAC, supported by a working group of donors, along with contributions from many other countries. The CAP-Scan working group includes: African Development Bank (ADB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), European Commission, Inter-American Development Bank (IaDB), Management Systems International, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), OECD/DAC Joint Venture for Managing Results, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the World Bank.

The World Bank, UNDP and MCC coordinate and support the CAP-Scan process including maintaining materials, coordinating training activities, and working with governments and other partners. For more information and to express interest in conducting CAP-Scan in your country, please contact